Environmental Biotechnology
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Detailed spectral monitoring of different combustible blends based on gasoline, ethanol and methanol using FT-Raman spectroscopy
Valentin Ortega Clavero, Andreas Weber, Werner Schroeder, Patric Mayrueis, Nicolas Javahiraly
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Ascertaining optimal protocols for DNA extraction of different qualities of pike (Esox lucius) tissue samples - a comparison of commonly used solid phase extraction methods
Erik Eschbach
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Conceptual framework of bioethanol production from lignocellulose for agricultural profitability
Janusz Gołaszewski, Kamila Żelazna, Anna Karwowska, Ewelina Olba-Zięty
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Short communication

2,4-diphenylthiophene induces mainly base pair mutation in Salmonella Typhimurium
Kinga A. Budzikur, Danuta Mielzyńska-Svach, Maciej Góra, Anna Chachaj, Michał K. Łuczyński, Marcin Pawłowski
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The acute bacterial toxicity of the selenocyanate anion and the bioprocessing of selenium by bacterial cells
Rebecca A. Montes, Gonzalo A. Pradenas, José M. Pérez-Donoso, Claudio C. Vásquez, Thomas G. Chasteen
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Joint Study Program - Fourth Edition
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
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Master's degree course - study program
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
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Training Workshop
Molecular ecology - application of DGGE and RISA techniques for the microbial diversity analysis
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Book review

Microevolution of Baikal omul Coregonus autumnalis migratorius (Georgi)
Vasily V. Smirnov, Natalia S. Smirnova-Zalumi, Lyubov V. Sukhanova
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bbe - Fluorometers and Toximeters
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