Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2011 Volume 7 > Volume 7 (2)


Quantification of triazine herbicides using chloroplasts in conjuction with thin-layer chromotagoraphy
Melanie Broszat, Helena Ernst, Bernd Spangenberg
pages: 47-52 open PDF file


A simple, rapid method for the production of soluble recombinant proteins from the duplicated growth hormone genes of the tetraploid common carp
Asiya Murakaeva, Klaus Kohlmann
pages: 53-64 open PDF file


Mutagenicity induced in Salmonella strains TA 98 and TA 100 by diphenylthiophenes
Kinga A. Budzikur, Maciej Góra, Anna Chachaj, Danuta Mielżyńska-Svach, Sebastian Tejs, Michał K. Łuczyński
pages: 65-69 open PDF file


In vitro micronucleus test assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Kamila Żelazna, Katarzyna Rudnicka, Sebastian Tejs
pages: 70-80 open PDF file


American funding for environmental science 2012
Delia Gallinaro
pages: 81-83 open PDF file


Selection and optimization of staining techniques of Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts V79 cell preparations
Katarzyna Rudnicka, Ziemowit Krzyżewski
pages: 84-87 open PDF file


Master's degree course - study program
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
pages: I-II open PDF file


Environmental Best Practices (EBP3)
September 2011, Offenburg, Germany
pages: III-IV open PDF file


bbe - Fluorometers and Toximeters
page: V open PDF file

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