Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2010 Volume 2 > Volume 6 (2)


Remediation of soils contaminated with trichloroethylene
J. Tomas Albergaria, Maria C.M. Alvim Ferraz, Cristina M. Delerue-Matos
pages: 37-41 open PDF file


Eco-ethological characteristics of two natural hybrids of Abramis brama (L.) from the River Meuse basin
Billy Nzau Matondo, Michael Ovidio, Pascal Poncin, Jean-Claude Philippart
pages: 42-52 open PDF file


MicroRNA expression in liver of whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) exposed to microcystin-LR
Paweł Brzuzan, Maciej Woźny, Lidia Wolińska, Alicja Piasecka, Michał K. Łuczyński
pages: 53-60 open PDF file


Microbiological criteria of tap water passed through some storage water tanks in Greater Cairo
Gamal A. Osman, Mohamed M. Kamel, Ahmed Z. Al-Herrawy
pages: 61-65 open PDF file


Response of olfactory receptors and blood cells of Lake Baikal fish to phenol exposure
Vera Yakhnenko, Igor Klimenkov, Nadya Pasukhova
pages: 66-73 open PDF file


bbe - Fluorometers and Toximeters
pages: I open PDF file


Master's degree course - study program
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
pages: II-III open PDF file


Environmental Best Practices (EBP-III)
September 2011, Offenburg, Germany
pages: IV open PDF file


Ph.D. studentship

pages: V open PDF file


DNA Gdańsk
pages: VI-VII open PDF file


Acknowledgements for refereeing in 2009 and 2010
pages: VIII-IX open PDF file

Book review

Essentials of Toxic Chemical Risk
Stephen Penningroth
pages: X open PDF file

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