Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2009 Volume 2 > Volume 5(2)


The application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) in low input and organic cultivation of graminaceous crops: potential and problems
Stephen Cummings
pages: 43-50 open PDF file


Use of induced phytoextraction for elimination of cadmium content in soil
Alzbeta Hegedusova, Silvia Jakabova, Ondrej Hegedus, Andrea Vargova
pages: 51-56 open PDF file

Elimination of formaldehyde emission from wood-based boards
Iwona Frąckowiak, Jacek Rudnicki, Aleksandra Sokołowska
pages: 57-60 open PDF file

Hydrocarbon contaminated soil treated by bioremediation technology: microbiological and toxicological preliminary findings
Anna Maria Coccia, Paola Margherita Bianca Gucci, Ines Lacchetti, Eleonora Beccaloni, Rosa Paradiso, Massimiliano Beccaloni, Loredana Musmeci
pages: 61-72 open PDF file

Determination of pathogenic bacteria in wastewater using conventional and PCR techniques
M. Azab El-Lathy, Gamila E. El-Taweel, Waled Morsy El-Sonosy, F.A. Samhan, Tarek A.A. Moussa
pages: 73-80 open PDF file

Electrophoretic identification of allozyme variation in natural population of ticks Ixodes persulcatus Schulze (Acari: Ixodidae) in Irkutsk suburbs
Yurij P. Dzhioev, Veronika M. Yakhnenko, Aleksander O. Revizor, Sergei V. Kirilchik, Irina M. Kozlova, Marina M. Verkhozina, Elena K. Doroshchenko, Tatiana V. Demina, Yurij M. Kapustin, Oksana V. Lisak
pages: 81-86 open PDF file


Master's degree course - study program
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
pages: I-II open PDF file


Environmental Best Practices (EBP-II)
September 2009, Krakow, Poland
pages: III-IV open PDF file


bbe - Fluorometers and Toximeters
pages: V open PDF file

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