Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2009 Volume 1 > Volume 5(1)

A potential extremophile expansion in the oceans
S. Mustafa
pages: 01-02 open PDF file

Application of nine species-specific microsatellite loci to characterize three pike-perch (Sander lucioperca) populations from the Aral Sea basin in Uzbekistan
E. Khurshut, K. Kohlmann
pages: 03-10 open PDF file

Renewables and environmental implications
Janusz Gołaszewski
pages: 11-24 open PDF file

American grant funding in environmental science
Delia Gallinaro
pages: 25-31 open PDF file

Evaluation of the recombinant cell-based bioassay as a screening method for PCDD/Fs monitoring in fish tissue
Sylwia Stypula-Trebas, Malgorzata Warenik, Magdalena Gembal, Pawel Malagocki, Jadwiga Piskorska-Pliszczynska
pages: 32-42 open PDF file

Master's degree course - first semester 2008/2009
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
pages: I open PDF file

Master's degree course - study program
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
pages: II-III open PDF file

Environmental Best Practices (EBP-II)
September 2009, Krakow, Poland
pages: IV open PDF file

Biotechnology and Environmental Safety
April 2009, Cairo, Egypt
pages: V open PDF file

Marine Ecosystems and Aquaculture Practices in a Changing Climate
March 2009, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
pages: VI-VII open PDF file

Book review

Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management
Abdelnaser Omran Al-Amroni, Abdul Aziz Hussin, Abdullah Mahmood, Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris
pages: VIII open PDF file


bbe - Fluorometers and Toximeters
pages: IX open PDF file

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