Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2007 Volume 2 > Volume 3(2)

Biotechnology in freshwater finfish aquaculture
M. Luczynski, K. Ocalewicz
pages: 37-38 open PDF file

Gynogenesis in northern pike: UV-inactivation of spermatozoa and the heat shock inducing meiotic diploidization
M.J. Luczynski, K. Dabrowski, D. Kucharczyk, J. Glogowski, M. Luczynski, A. Szczerbowski, I. Babiak
pages: 39-43 open PDF file

Polymorphism of microsatellite loci - a tool in studying biodiversity of paddlefish aquaculture broodstock
D. Kaczmarczyk, K. Kohlmann, P. Kersten, M. Luczynski
pages: 44-48 open PDF file

Incubator for individual eggs of fish
R. Bardega, M. Luczynski
pages: 49-51 open PDF file

Cytologic ploidy determination in fish - an example of two salmonid species
M. Jankun, H. Kuzminski, G. Furgala-Selezniow
pages: 52 - 56 open PDF file

Genetic identification of black caviar based on microsatellite DNA analysis
D. Fopp-Bayat
pages: 57-60 open PDF file

Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 2005
M. Jankun, P. Brzuzan, P. Hliwa and M. Luczynski (eds.)
pages: I open PDF file

Master's degree course
Environmental Protection, Engineering and Biotechnology
pages: II-III open PDF file

Natural Hazards and Changing Marine Environment in the Western Pacific
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
pages: IV open PDF file

International Environmental Forensics Conference 2008
Qingdao, China
pages: V open PDF file

Environmental Best Practices (EBP-II)
September 2009, Krakow, Poland
pages: VI open PDF file

Olympus - Laser Microdissection System

pages: VII open PDF file

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