Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2006 Volume 2 > Volume 2 (2)

Selective biosorption of heavy metals by algae
Wilke, A., R. Buchholz, G. Bunke
pages: 47-56 open PDF file

An overview on techniques and regulations of mechanical-biological pre-treatment of municipal solid waste
M. Ritzkowski, J. Heerenklage, R. Stegmann
pages: 57-68 open PDF file

Potential risk of remaining PCBs and management strategies in Europe
R. Kikuchi, S.M. Santos, R. Gerardo
pages: 69-77 open PDF file

Constructed wetlands and vegetation filters: an ecological approach to wastewater treatment
Peter F. Randerson
pages: 78-89 open PDF file

2 Ph.D. studenships

pages: I open PDF file

Environmental Biotechnology - Concepts and Applications
Edited by Hans-Joachim Jordening and Josef Winter
pages: II open PDF file

Olympus - Laser Microdissection System

pages: III open PDF file

Acknowledgements for refereeing in 2005 and 2006

pages: IV open PDF file

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