Environmental Biotechnology
Online EB edition > 2006 Volume 2 > Volume 2(1)

The potential and pitfalls of exploiting nitrogen fixing bacteria in agricultural soils as a substitute for inorganic fertiliser
S.P. Cummings, D.R. Humphry, S. R. Santos, M. Andrews, E.K. James
pages: 1-10 open PDF file

Microsatellite DNA polymorphism in sturgeon species and their hybrids reared in Polish aquaculture farms
D. Fopp-Bayat, M. Luczynski
pages: 11-19 open PDF file

Synthesis and fungistatic activity of aryl- substituted naphthalene- and indene-2-carbonitriles
B. Kozik, Z. Burgiel, J.J. Sepiol, J. Wilamowski, M.K. Luczynski, M. Gora
pages: 20-25 open PDF file

Plant-to-soil pathways in the subarctic qualitative and quantitative changes of different vegetative fluxes
T.T. Gorbacheva, R. Kikuchi
pages: 26 -30 open PDF file

Carbon-source-dependent synthesis and composition of biosurfactant sythesized by Pseudozyma antarctica
Bednarski, W., M. Narwojsz, M. Adamczak, R. Nawotka
pages: 31-36 open PDF file

A pilot-scale example of phytoremediation in the arctic area: comparison of zones placed at different distances from a metal emission source
Kikuchi, R., T.T. Gorbacheva, R. Gerardo
pages: 37-45 open PDF file

Ph. D. Student, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn [Poland]
pages: I open PDF file

Environmental Best Practices (EBP)
pages: II-III open PDF file

Prolab Sp. z o.o.
pages: IV open PDF file

Book review
Practical Environmental Analysis
pages: V open PDF file

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